What clothing should I wear?

Safety is our primary concern when working with horses, we understand they can be totally unprectictable, and always try to minimise the risk. The single most important item of P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment) is your Riding Hat, horses can travel at speeds in excess of 30mph, and falling off and landing on your head at that speed can be fatal, at least with a riding hat you have a chance.

riding bootsWe recommend clients to eventually purchase their own Riding Hat, we have a big selection of hardhats, but there is nothing better than the confidence that your PPE fits you well. Modern Hard Hats should be certified to BE EN1384 and PAS015 standards.

Appropriate footwear is also a must, you won't be allowed to Ride if you arrive wearing Sandals, High Heels or Trainers. Currently (14/02/2007) we don't supply footwear, although this is soon to change.

body protectorThe reason a heel is so important is simply that, if your foot were to pass through the stirrup iron at the same time as falling off, you would quite possibly be dragged by your foot with your head/back against the ground.

If you're jumping or hacking, we recommend you wear a Body Protector to reduce risk, they really do cushion the impact of a fall and bring some peace of mind to those that worry.

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