Your Age Limits/Restrictions

The following rules apply for young children:

Minimum Age: 4 Years and Over

Age 4: Horse/Pony Rides (led by a handler)
Age 5: Minimum Legal Age for Private Lessons
Age 6: Recommended Minimum Age for Private Lessons

There are 2 reasons we recommend children be aged 6 and over before starting Private Lessons.

  1. Most children will have reached a height where they can make meaningful input themselves (short children will have problems being able to squeeze and make contact with their legs, if they are not longer than the saddle).
  2. The teaching won't be wasted, younger children don't always understand everything that is being said to them, or they are often extremly shy and won't acknowledge a stranger. (although riding is a great way to increase someones confidence!).

Once children are 6 and older, these issues don't usually apply. So this is why we recommend age 6-7 for starting Private Lessons, however, everyone is different, we're willing to discuss to individual cases. But managements decision is final.

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