We are a group of 4 people, who are of mixed ability levels. How can we ride together?

It's difficult to safely accommodate riders of mixed abilities. Our policy is to only allow riders out hacking once they are proficient at Walk, Trot and Canter. We enforce this by requiring every new rider to undertake an Assessment Lesson.

It's an introduction for you to the Riding School, horses and that Instructor, before you ride, you'll state your current riding abilities, and we'll grade you after to see if you match up. If we feel your safe, we'll allow you out on further hacks, otherwise we'll suggest you take further Private Lessons or join a Group to brush up your skills.

We hope to offer Trekking in the future, this involves Western Saddles with a large pommel, this would allow riders of mixed abilities to participate in hacking without undergoing an Assessment Lesson first. Unfortunately I can't provide you with a date for this, although we should be offering this by Summer 2009.

The cost for One-Off Standard hacking is listed here:



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