Why does horse riding cost so much?

Horses are big animals, they cost a lot of money just standing still.

In comparison with our competitors, we're very fair for the facilities we have available, in most cases our riding is cheaper than our rivals.

If you purchased your own horse and paid livery to keep it somewhere, this is the average cost over the UK and not related to the Chestnuts Riding School, but it should give you an idea.:


  • Stable Equipment £200
  • Pre-purchase Vetting (per horse) £200
  • First aid/ grooming equipment £50
  • Riding clothes and equipment £250
  • Leather Saddle £600
  • Brand new English leather bridle with bit £100
  • Outdoor Rugs (per rug) £100
  • Indoor Rugs (per rug) £70
  • Annual Livery Costs
    • Full Livery (Per Annum) £5,200
    • Part Livery (Per Annum) £3,640
    • Working Livery (Per Annum) £2,600
    • Grass Livery (Per Annum) £1,560


  • Shoeing (every 6 weeks) £645
  • Specialist shoeing (every 4 weeks) £1,950
  • Trimming (every 6 weeks) £215
  • Tetanus & Equine Influenza Vaccination excluding vet call out fee £120
  • Worming Products (1 Syringe every 8 weeks) £78
  • Shavings (using 2 bales per week £728
  • Straw (small bales) (using 2 bales per week) £364
  • Hay (small bales) (using 4 bales a week) £936
  • Haylage (small bales) (using 3 bales a week) £936
  • Bag of horse/ pony cubes (using 1 bag every 3 weeks) £122
  • Bag of chaff (using 1 bag every 2 weeks for) £182

COSTS A RIDING SCHOOL HAS ON TOP across the UK(anually):

Keep in mind, some riding centres are not licensed or insured (we are, always have been), we have to teach some 300 extra lessons (rough estimate) before that cost is even covered.

Licensing Fees, Insurance Fees, Staff Wages, Building Purchase / Rent / Morgage, Vehicle Purchase + Maintence and many more things which could add up to over £100,000 a year.

Please note all the above costs are averaged estimates at the time of print, the quantities of feed, bedding, period
between shoeings etc will vary between each individual horse or pony’s needs.

NOTE: Some of the Information provided above was quoted from a BHS leaflet, the costs involved vary considerably, but that should give you an idea of how much a single animal would cost you to keep somewhere.

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