Do you supply the equipment? Like hats and boots?


We supply British Standard Riding Hats to all new clients FREE OF CHARGE. However, if you ride regularly we advise you purchase your own hat.


We current have most of the common sizes available in limited numbers. If you ride, we advise wearing footwear with a heel, Wellington Boots are okay. The reason a heel is required is because it prevents your foot passing through the stirrup; in the event accident, your foot passing through the stirrup could result in the rider being dragged.


There are not really any restrictions on what you should wear, although we make the following recommendations for first time riders with no gear of their own:

  • Jogging Bottoms or Some kind of Trouser (jeans can rub, so we advise against them)
  • Long or Short Sleeve T-shirt.
  • In Cold Weather a Jumper and Even a Coat is a good idea, although the school is totally enclosed, it can still be a little nippy during the really cold months.



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